Case Studies

Ean Continues To Make A Difference With Technology@Work

Client with muscular dystrophy

A web designer, inventor, entrepreneur, advocate, and much more, Ean is a man of many talents. His company, ICAN Resource Group Inc., is just as diverse, with services ranging from medical assistive technology to multimedia development.

Ean has Muscular Dystrophy (SMA Type 2). He requires a power wheelchair and is ventilator dependant.

Based in Kelowna, BC, Ean is an advocate for independence through technology. With help from his father, he invented a retractable straw device to remove saliva from his mouth, as he is unable to swallow.

With so many projects, Ean is a busy man.

However, he needed a tablet to communicate his ideas to clients, as well as a Bluetooth module to interface the tablet with his chair.

A Better Way To Work

Trekker Breeze+ Talking GPS and iGlasses™ Ultrasonic Mobility Aid

Being partially sighted and night blind, the commute home from work used to be a nightmare for Rod Tam.

“Night travel used to be a very stressful adventure,” explains Rod. “Being night blind, I always have to guess what is in front of me and around me when I am walking in the dark.”

Rod is a credit adjudicator at a financial institution. Working in Vancouver, but living in Coquitlam, Rod has to make the trek to and from work every day of the work week via transit. The bus loop on his way home is a wide open space and poorly illuminated.

“Finding the bus stop on my own was an impossible endeavour,” he says.

In August 2015, the assessor conducting a workplace accommodation assessment at his office referred him to the Neil Squire Society’s Technology@Work Program to help him overcome his barrier.

Rahul Finds “Absolute Freedom” Through Technology@work Solution

Happy client, Rahul, smiling

“It’s absolute freedom,” Rahul Ray says about the hand controls installed in his car with funding through the Neil Squire Society’s Technology@Work program.

Technology@Work Participant, Rahul RayRahul was a partner at an environmental consulting firm ten years ago when he woke up with his right calf numb. A high level soccer player for many years, at first it seemed like it might just be a pinched nerve. But a few months later, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis(MS).

“I was diagnosed almost to the day I became a partner at my firm. I asked what I am I supposed to do with this MS thing? Can I keep on working? After some research, I decided to stick with it, and became a leader and eventual owner of my company.”

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