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    A little technology, a lot of independence.

Who we are

We are a team of healthcare professionals who specialize in using assistive technology and ergonomics to find the most effective individualized solutions to meet our clients' needs.

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Who we help

We help individualsIndividuals

Our services are designed to assist individuals to stay in the workforce or re-enter the workforce with suitable workplace accommodations. This may involve the set-up of a workstation, a change in work habits, or the selection of assistive technology to accommodate specific needs. These same services can assist an individual at home or at school.

We help service providersService Providers

We provide assessment services to meet your client’s vocational goals following an injury. Our services are designed to assist individuals to stay in the workforce or re-enter the workforce with suitable workplace accommodations. This may involve the set-up of a workstation, a change in work habits, or the selection of assistive technology to accommodate specific needs. These same services can assist an individual at home or at school.

We help businessesBusinesses

We provide consultation services to meet your employees’ workplace ergonomics and accommodation needs. This involves preventative ergonomic presentations, one on one assessments for employees with specific work related barriers, and developing a process for requesting workplace accommodation supports.



Ergonomic assessments

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Ergonomics is the best practice of alignment of your body to reduce pain, stress and fatigue. This also reduces long term effects that sitting or standing incorrectly can have on your body mind and health.

Our trained and certified occupational therapists can assess your work environment, the equipment you use and make suggestions on improving your overall experience.

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Assistive technology

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Assistive Technology is considered anything that aids or enhances your ability to perform your day to day activities associated with your working environment.

Our Assistive Technology Evaluation can provide you with various equipment and techology that allows you to be able to carry out your duties at work that you weren’t able to do before.

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What people are saying

  • “It is amazing, and they’ve given me my life back, basically. I’m 55 years old and I’m able to work full time the rest of my working life. There’s really no disability or issue that I can’t overcome now.” – Gordon, Solutions Client

  • “I am so grateful to the Neil Squire Society for being such a positive support for me. They have all been very helpful, caring, and understanding of my situation amid their professionalism, knowledge, and over-the-top friendliness.” – Donna, Solutions Client

  • “The Neil Squire [Solutions] team was knowledgeable with an excellent understanding of new technology and what would best suit my needs.” – Ean, Solutions Client

  • “I am grateful for their assistance and for providing me with the technology that is helping me on my journey. [The program] is life-affirming.” – Roy, Solutions Client

  • “It’s a fantastic program. Your program is valuable and much-needed in the community.” – Patrick, Solutions Client

  • “The upgrades to speech, magnification and scanning software programs as well as the ergonomic adjustments to my workstation have contributed to improving my physical health. Headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain have been reduced providing prolonged relief to the many hours spent at my desk.” – Lori, Solutions Client

  • “I can’t say enough good things about the support I’ve had and how thorough they were in looking at and assessing my needs. Everyone has been so friendly and so supportive and not seeing me as somebody with serious disabilities and not able to work. They looked at me from a positive perspective all the time. It gave me a lot of confidence, to be honest.” – Gordon, Solutions client

  • “They came by, they looked at how I was working and they suggested quite a few things. They figured out what would work and what might not work, and we went from there. It was awesome, they’re really nice people.” – Brock, Solutions Client

  • “[Neil Squire Solutions] were just absolutely amazing. Katrina was fantastic. All of the staff I met have been amazing. They made the process really easy and very comfortable. Change is hard, but working with Neil Squire [Solutions] helped smooth the transition,” – Rahul, Solutions Client

  • “I really felt very cared for and supported. The program is so important for people. It is just so great for people to be able to access this program because often times, they cannot work without any type of accommodations. So I do believe it is a life changing opportunity for people to be able to continue in the workforce.” – Liana, Solutions Client

  • “[I am experiencing] a huge improvement in my workability, endurance, and comfort, resulting in increased productivity. Once I started using this equipment, working hours just flew by. My mind is clearer, and I no longer have to ‘sleep the stress and pain away’ for the remainder of the days.” – Donna, Solutions Client

  • “I am extremely pleased with the program and the people at Neil Squire Society. They were thorough, professional, and result-focused and I have greatly benefited from their needs assessment and recommended assistive devices.” – Garry, Solutions Client

  • “It’s a phenomenal service. It helped my life out incredibly.” – Paige, Solutions Client

  • “I’m able to sit at my desk longer, I’m able to focus more clearly without having the distraction of having my neck cramping up. It has made an improvement to my well-being and my work. I mean before this, I was lying on the ground for longer than I sit in my chair. Now I can go for hours at my desk.” – Brock, Solutions Client

  • “When I got [the equipment] and started using it, immediately it increased my abilities or functions with the computer probably 300 or 400%.” – Gordon, Solutions client

  • “They were amazing. They were really thorough, and knowledgeable, and very caring. They really try and make the most suitable changes that would positively impact [me].” – Judi, Solutions Client

  • “I thought I had adapted my workspace well, but their recommended changes to keyboarding, monitor height and sitting/standing positioning have greatly reduced my fatigue and greatly increased my productivity. I am no longer sore at the end of the day and am getting more work completed.” – Garry, Solutions Client

  • “I have noticed a dramatic decrease in my sciatica and migraines, it’s been amazing. It actually allows me to do more work.” – Jodi, Solutions Client

  • “This has been a life-changing experience and outcome for me. I am not only grateful for all they have done for me personally, but I commend them for the many lives they enhanced in the past and the lives they will enhance in the future. Thank you, Neil Squire Society, for enriching so many lives!” – Donna, Solutions Client

  • “It wasn’t any kind of a cookie cutter solution. It was very much customized to my needs.” – Gordon, Solutions client

  • “The accommodation has absolutely improved my ability to work. My shoulder pain is gone. I can now focus on the task at hand much more easily. I’m more efficient because I can move around more quickly and I no longer have to worry about my deteriorating shoulders.” – Dhruv, Solutions Client

  • “The full version of the JAWS software and JAWS training provided by Technology@Work has enabled me to be back on my computer, working in Word (where I am writing this note), typing and sending emails, scripting my radio show and using the internet for research.” – Roy, Solutions Client

  • “It wasn’t a long, drawn-out process getting approved. Decisions seemed to come very quickly.” – Grant, Solutions Client

  • “[The program] significantly helped me with my job, in fact, it kind of revolutionized my job and how I work.” – Gordon, Solutions Client

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A little technology, a lot of independence.