Who We Help

We provide our services to any individual who would benefit from assistive technology or ergonomics solutions to increase their ability to participate in daily activities and work.

Our services are offered on a fee-for-service basis to individual or corporate clients. Estimates for services can be provided upon request.


Our services are for individuals who have barriers or limitations that impact their ability to perform tasks in the workplace. Our referral partners include both the private and public sectors. We find the most effective ergonomic or assistive technology solutions to target each individual’s specific needs.

Service Providers

We provide assessment services to meet your client’s needs. Our services are designed to assist individuals to stay in the workforce or re-enter the workforce with suitable workplace accommodations. This may involve the set-up of a workstation, a change in work habits, or the selection of assistive technology products to accommodate specific needs.


We provide consultation services to meet your employees’ workplace ergonomics and positioning needs. This involves preventative ergonomic presentations, one-on-one assessments for employees with specific work-related barriers, and process development for requesting ergonomic and workplace accommodation supports.

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