Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology Assessments

Assistive Technology Assessments

Our Assistive Technology Professionals will conduct assistive technology assessments in order to evaluate the client’s functional needs, and their specific work tasks. An effective assistive technology assessment leads to an increased ability to work, and reduces workplace barriers and symptom-aggravating factors. Assistive Technology Assessments can be carried out in any work environment, including home offices. Comprehensive reports with specific equipment and service accommodations are provided.

Equipment Trials and Evaluations

Equipment Trials and Evaluations

Equipment trials and evaluations are incorporated in all of our client services to ensure that the assistive technology being recommended meets the client’s specific functional needs, and is compatible with existing equipment available at their workstation.

Assistive Technology Seminars

We offer informational presentations and individual and group training for clientele, such as case managers and resource professionals, on different types of assistive technology. Sessions includes demonstrations and electronic material for future reference. Please contact us for more details.

Active Research and Development Group

Our team conducts ongoing research and undergoes continuous training to maintain up-to-date product knowledge, for potential applications for our clients.

Assistive Technology Training

Assistive Technology Training

Assistive technology devices and products, such as speech recognition software, one-handed keyboarding, and low vision products generally require training in order to be successfully implemented into the clients daily tasks. We offer individualized in-person training for clients as well as distance training through our online classrooms. We provide informational sessions and group training for individuals or groups such as case managers and resource professionals. The training we provide includes but is not limited to:

  • Basic computer skills training
  • Assistive Technology software (i.e. Speech recognition, word prediction)
  • Keyboard re-training (i.e. One-handed typing)
  • Low vision product training
  • Technical support


Fee-for-service applies to all interventions.

Persons with disabilities may qualify for subsidy under specific programs. Please contact us for more information.

Outside British Columbia

For information about our assistive technology services outside of British Columbia, please contact the regional office nearest to you:


Nikki Langdon
T 306.781.6023


Cheryl Colmer
T 613.723.3575

New Brunswick

Charles Levasseur
T 506.856.9101

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