Case Studies

Fisayo Eases Her Workday Stress With a New Light Wheelchair

A woman working at a desk, using a keyboard and mouse. She is smiling at the camera

Fisayo works with a non-profit organization that promotes inclusion and assists immigrants in Campbell River. She works with partner organizations and local community groups to help advance her organization’s initiatives.

“I am paraplegic which means I have mobility challenges, and need a functional and light wheelchair to get around at work,” she explains.

Mowry’s New Hearing Aids Help Him Continue Making Art

Mowry at work

Mowry is a renowned sculptor who has operated a studio in Victoria for over 45 years. Many of his sculptures appear in art galleries, and he designs and supervises the fabrication of sculptures that stand in public places.

“Because I am hard of hearing, I have difficulty communicating with my studio assistants, with fabricators, engineers, public art consultants, and journalists,” he explains.

Balance Returns to Fiona’s Life

A woman seated at a desk. Papers in front of her and a laptop to the side.

Fiona is a professional engineer in Kelowna, creating software programs that automatically run the machines in industrial plants. She also designs the graphical interfaces for the plant operators to start machines and monitor measurements such as temperatures and pressures within pipes and vessels.

“Creating the software requires a lot of design meetings with customers, equipment manufacturers and colleagues so that we get the details correct for successful and safe automated operation,” she explains.

Marcie Finds “Greater Confidence, Higher Productivity” with New Hearing Aids

A woman seated outdoors, using a phone. Her laptop is on a table

Marcie is a senior working full time in telephone sales. She works hard to sell appliance parts to both retail and wholesale markets, and follows up on requests for replacement parts.

“Hearing loss has limited my ability to interact with both customers and co-workers. It became necessary for me to ask people to repeat themselves several times in order to understand [them],” she explains. “Many times I would be unaware that I was being spoken to, especially if the person was behind me. It is easy to misunderstand instructions when you do not hear clearly.”

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services “Enabled Me to Continue Operating My Small Engineering Business For Many Years to Come”

Robert next to his wheelchair accessible van

Robert is a self-employed civil engineer, contracted to undertake project work by local governments. He works from his home office in Courtenay, but also travels to various work sites and client offices.

He has adult onset limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, and has been using a power wheelchair full time for over five years.

With the travel that his work requires, Robert needs a wheelchair accessible van — a big expense.

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