Case Studies

New Hearing Aids Help Tanner Communicate at the Jobsite

electrician at work

On a jobsite, it’s important to be able to communicate effectively — not only to get the job done, but more importantly, to stay safe.

It’s something Tanner, a young level 1 electrical apprentice based in Port Coquitlam, knows quite well. His work often finds him on high-rise buildings.

Adam’s Improved Quality of Life

man working at his laptop, wearing headphones

Adam is a web developer based in Victoria. His work — which involves long hours on the computer — is taxing on his body due to a spinal cord condition.

 “I have a spinal cord condition that causes chronic back and lower body pain. It makes it difficult to sit or stand for prolonged periods,” he says. “It also makes it difficult to concentrate and problem solve.”

Jeffrey Improves His “Ability to Listen and Follow Conversation” with Hearing Aids

Stock photo of man in a lawn

Jeffrey is an apartment manager in Vancouver, responsible for everything from checking new tenants into the building to responding to on-call issues like noise complaints.

It’s a job that requires good communication with tenants and the contractors he calls to take care of maintenance issues.

However, he’s been struggling with his hearing — dealing with tinnitus, sound sensitivity, and hearing loss.

“Without this help, I never would have been able to get hearing aids.”

Karen in front of a WorkBC Assistive Technology Services sign

Working for a home care provider in Kelowna, Karen helps clients live in their own homes by coming over and helping them with tasks ranging from meal prep to dressing and bathing.

Karen was finding, however, that she needed help herself.

“I am a middle aged woman in fair health with a hearing impairment,” she explains. “I cannot always hear what clients are saying.”

Accommodations Allow Tessa to Embark on an Education for a New Career

woman using computer

Tessa couldn’t be happier with the accommodations she received through WorkBC Assistive Technology Services.

“I cannot stress enough how important these accommodations were to giving me the opportunity to continue my education. I highly doubt that going back to school would be possible without the proper equipment that was provided to me,” she says. “Not only does this help me with work, but it gives me hope in a brighter future.”

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