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4 Apps for Home Learning in 2022

a young boy studying at home with a laptop and notebook, with various school supplies on the desk

Home learning is something that we’ve talked about before, but with the recent COVID-19 related school shutdown announcements in New Brunswick, we thought it would be a subject worth revisiting. While the current situation is far from ideal, the good news is that there are many fantastic apps available that are designed to bolster at-home learning, and some of them are even free. So, without further ado let’s explore some home learning apps that are worth looking at in 2022.

Karman Upgrades Her Work From Home Set-up With WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

a woman browses her laptop

Karman works as a Business Development and Communications Coordinator for a non-profit organization in Victoria.

“I have lower spinal and cervical spinal injuries, a degenerative condition in lower spine, and sacroiliac joints and chronic pain,” she explains.

She learned about WorkBC Assistive Technology Services from a conversation with a program representative and decided to give it a try for herself. She was assessed by the Assistive Technology Services team to find the right ergonomic and assistive technology solutions for her.

Dexteria Dots: Strengthening Motor and Math Skills

a girl with glasses reads on a tablet in a classroom

Teaching math in a fun and engaging way is no easy feat, especially when it comes to young learners. And, when it comes to teaching these young learners, presenting math equations in a visual format seems to net the most success for the majority of learners. Taking a tactile approach to math is another common route for teaching young learners, and the app that we are looking at today seeks to combine those two approaches to create a learning app that is equal parts tactile and equal parts visually based.

Chore Pad: Digital Chore Tracker

a father does laundry while his son vacuums

If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably introduced the concept of chores to your children. As parents we all tackle this subject differently, but regardless of individual parenting style, chores are inevitable. And for new parents, the process of teaching and then reinforcing habits can be difficult, and rewarding those good habits can be expensive.

“[I’m] Much Happier, I Enjoy Working So Much More Now”

Bradley sits in a wheelchair next to his new van

Bradley works as a rehab equipment sales rep in New Westminster, helping clients and therapists find the right equipment for mobility, safety, and quality of life.

As an incomplete paraplegic with a T8, T9 spinal cord injury, he brings a vast knowledge and personal experience to his work.

“Without the proper equipment for my mobility I couldn’t do the job,” he explains.

Citizen Math: Supplemental Math for Teens

a woman watches a math lesson on her laptop

Teaching math in a way that’s engaging and relatable can be a real challenge. The concepts are often abstract and difficult to imagine, and for students with unique learning challenges, certain math fundamentals can present a lot of problems. The website that we are looking at today presents math concepts in a way that students can connect with on a personal, social, and global level.

How to: Access Microsoft Office and App Online

a man sits at a desk working on a laptop in the background, while a woman, who is standing, scrolls her phone

When it comes to word processors, Microsoft Office has been the top choice among professionals for around 20 years. Office is accessible, user-friendly, and packed with all the features you need to get writing. But not everyone knows that Microsoft Office also offers a free version of their app that can be accessed online or via app store. Today we’re going to dive a bit deeper into Microsoft Office’s various online apps, including what makes them different as well as how/where to access the various versions of Word.

Top 5 Apps for Task Management for 2021

a person writing in a notebook, while checking on their phone

It’s not always easy to find a good balance between work, play, school, and everything else in our lives. And with the human brain only being able to remember so much, things are bound to be forgotten along the way. This is especially true for individuals who struggle with executive functioning, but in the end, we all forget things when they aren’t written down. The good news is task management apps have exploded in popularity and usability, and many of them are available for free across different platforms.

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