Case Studies

Shruti is “excelling at work” with WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

WorkBC ATS client, Shruti

Shruti, of Richmond, is “truly grateful” for the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services program.

“Thanks to the Assistive Technology Services program I am excelling at work! Not only am I able to perform my job responsibilities, my hard work has made an impact,” she exclaims. “My contract, which was originally for three months and meant to end in mid August, was extended another three months!”

Albert Experiences a Safer Commute with Technology@Work

cars driving in a city with morning sun

Albert has been working as a software engineer and developer since 2010. “I am self-employed, but I work with this company right now on contract. The company does music and digital media distribution.”

Albert was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is characterized by brittle bones. The condition makes him prone to fractures. He uses crutches for short distances and a manual wheelchair for longer distances.

Technology@Work Gives Gordon His “Life Back”

Gordon, Technology@Work client

Gordon was involved in a car accident around five years ago, and sustained damage to his back and neck. After that, he experienced two strokes which left him with 20% paralysis on his right side, no vision in his right eye, and 75% vision in his left eye.

After being unemployed on and off for a few years, he started working as a designer for solar power systems for houses, businesses, and farms in 2017. Since he didn’t have an ergonomic setup, he found it painful to work at his desk. “I couldn’t sit for more than 10 minutes. I was in a lot of pain in my back,” Gordon recalls. He contacted the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, who referred him to the Neil Squire Society.

Donna Enjoys More Comfort and Productivity with Technology@Work

Technology@Work client Donna

Donna was involved in two motor vehicle accidents nine years apart. Both incidents contributed to significant upper neck and back injuries and frequent migraine headaches.

In the past, Donna worked as a part-time Medical Office Assistant, where being on the phone and typing simultaneously was a painful task. Repetition, ill-fitting chairs, or static posture would intensify her pain. “My days off were often spent incapacitated with stress-induced headaches. Life being like a ‘yo-yo’ forced me to accept the problems of being employed,” she says.

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