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Windows 11 Accessibility

a person in a wheelchair using a laptop

Over the past several years, Microsoft has been gaining ground in the battle for most accessible computing systems. During that time, Windows has made vast improvements in its out-of-box accessibility. And now with a new Windows OS on the horizon, it’s evident that Microsoft has embraced the concepts of universal design and accessibility in a big way.

Windows 11 seeks to pack in even more accessibility features than the already impressive Windows 10. In today’s e-bulletin, we’re going to dive into those features a bit, but keep in mind, some of the features that we’re looking at today might change or be updated as OS continues to evolve.

“We Have Solutions!” Episode 3 Featuring Dr. Gary Birch

"We Have Solutions!"

Episode 3 of our AT Help Desk‘s podcast, “We Have Solutions!” has released today.

On today’s episode they are joined by Order of Canada recipient and Neil Squire Executive Director Dr. Gary Birch.

Dr. Birch brings with him decades of experience in assistive technology, EEG signal processing, direct brain-computer interface, robotic control systems, environmental control systems, and more.

Tips and Tools for Creating Accessible Content

diverse groups of people working in an office, including a man in a wheelchair

For many of us, learning how to create accessible content is a fairly new concept. Of course, as we become increasingly aware of accessibility and universal design, we’ll need to dive deeper into the steps and concepts required to create content that is compliant with current accessibility standards. Let’s take a look at some helpful tools and tips that are designed to have you creating accessible content with minimal effort.

Scholarship Opportunities in New Brunswick

a woman celebrating news that she received in the mail

There are some new scholarship opportunities for post-secondary students with disabilities in New Brunswick. These opportunities are time-sensitive, so if you or someone who know might be eligible, don’t hesitate, apply now!

Balancing Mental Health and Technology

a woman taking off her glasses, with her hand in her face, looking stressed

With the advent of COVID-19, our reliance on technology has increased dramatically. Today, many of us still work from home, and some of us still rely on technology to a degree that we never did before. And although the net benefits of using these devices certainly outweighs the costs, there are downsides to being overly reliant on technology that should be acknowledged. In today’s e-bulletin we’re going to look at a few different scenarios in an attempt to explore how technology can help but also hinder a person’s mental health, as well as look at some possible solutions for mitigating these challenges.

Chunking: A Memorization Strategy

a young student browses their laptop

Chunking is a process by which individual pieces of an information set are broken down and then grouped together in a meaningful whole. This strategy can be very helpful for short-term memory recall. Let’s use the example of a phone number to demonstrate:

First, let’s assume that we can easily remember only 4 things at a time. In other words, your working memory has 4 slots.

Disability Funding Sources in New Brunswick

a woman celebrating an achievement while going on the computer

In today’s e-bulletin, we’re going to talk about the major disability funding sources in New Brunswick, as well as a couple federally funded programs that are available to any student with disabilities in Canada. Not everyone is aware of these programs, but the potential funds granted can make an enormous difference in the life of any student or individual with a disability. These programs provide funds for school, equipment, training, tutoring, and more. The goal of this guide is to be as comprehensive as possible, so if you are someone with disabilities in New Brunswick and you’re looking for financial support programs, then this guide will be a good place to start.

Four Apps to Stay Organized at Work

a person looks at an electronic calendar on a computer, and their computer has sticky notes with reminders attached

It’s not always easy to stay on task during the workday, and with many of us working from home right now, staying focused on work can be a real challenge. Today, we’re going to look at four apps that are designed to help you stay organized and productive at work.

These apps are designed to help keep you on task regardless of whether you’re working from home or in the office, and even for students with a heavy course load, or for those who simply need a little extra help staying on task, many of the apps that we’re looking at today would be worth considering.

Three Apps to Digitize Math on the Go

a person looking at a phone while standing over a table, a person is on a computer in the background

Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or anything in-between, there’s a good chance that you’ve struggled with math at least once in your life. Now, imagine if you had the ability to instantly scan and solve the calculation that was in front of you and then have the necessary steps broken down and explained? For those who struggle with math, or for those who simply don’t have the time, these types of apps are an absolute godsend, but not everyone even knows this type of app exists! So, without further ado, we are going to look at three of the best math calculator apps that are available today.

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