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“The Impact Was Immediate!” New Hearing Aid Helps Kevin Avoid Workday Fatigue

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Kevin in front of a WorkBC job search presentation

Kevin is a Workshop Facilitator with WorkBC Employment Services in Abbotsford, delivering presentations to clients in both English and French.

“Listening well is a very important part of understanding and communicating well with clients and teammates,” he says.

“After experiencing significant, sudden hearing loss, I really struggled when in a group of three or more participants. Some locations are more difficult than others due to poor acoustics, echo, etc, but I was struggling to catch parts of conversations.

“I Wouldn’t Be Able to Work Without Hearing Aids”

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Vinzenz at the Kelowna office

Vinzenz works at a retirement resort in Kelowna as an executive chef, arranging schedules for chefs, planning the menus, and preparing bread, desserts, and main dishes for 150 residents.

He has hearing loss.

He learned about WorkBC Assistive Technology Services from his hearing clinic.

Maureen Becomes More Confident at Work With New Hearing Aids

rows of books in a library

Maureen works in the counselling office of a middle school in Lake Cowichan, helping students with their schoolwork and supporting them with issues like anxiety and social skills.

“I have hearing loss mostly in the area of hearing speech which makes it really hard to help students when I can’t hear soft voices,” she shares. “Without hearing aids, I have to continuously ask students to repeat themselves and even then, I miss a great deal of the conversation.”

Hearing Aids Help Calvin With His New Home Inspection Business

a contractor wearing a toolbelt

Calvin has over 35 years of experience as a carpenter. He does service work for a housing development in Kelowna, and recently became a licenced home inspector and started his own business.

Over the course of his career, Calvin has noticed a gradual loss of his hearing.

“Both positions dictate that I have direct personal contact on a daily basis,” he explains. “Discussions with trades, clients, homeowners and management were getting harder to understand if I did not have face to face communication.”

New Hearing Aids Help Selma in Her Job Search

a woman looks through a newspaper for job listings

Selma is a senior who is currently looking for work, and is trying to upgrade her English teaching certification so that she can teach English as a second language. She has hearing loss, and found she needed new hearing aids.

“My old ones were not working properly anymore,” she explains.

A WorkBC Centre referred her to WorkBC Assistive Technology Services for funding for a new set of hearing aids.

This Burnaby Non-Profit Offers Top-Tier Hearing Care Without Breaking the Bank

Heather Ritchie, Neil Squire Hearing Solutions Audiologist, working with a client

Whether engaging with loved ones, navigating a tricky situation at work, or recognizing the familiar click of the oven remaining on after a meal, much of our social connectedness, professional performance and personal safety rely on being able to hear.

Yet, hearing-related issues like hearing loss and tinnitus ⁠— or perceiving ringing, hissing, buzzing, rushing or roaring sounds in the ears ⁠— are more common than you might think. Among Canadians aged 19 to 79, a whopping 60 per cent of us live with hearing loss, tinnitus or a combination of both.

“Hearing loss is often something that’s very treatable and preventable, but there are so many people who suffer in isolation and are not able to get the help that they need because of how expensive it can be,” says Heather Ritchie, an audiologist at Neil Squire Hearing Solutions.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services Helps Michael Get Back to Work

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Michael

Michael is the founder and general manager of a construction company in Kelowna. He had an anoxic brain injury which caused severe hearing loss, and is just returning to work.

He needed hearing aids and his audiologist referred him to WorkBC Assistive Technology Services for funding. Michael applied and was quickly approved.

The help to get my hearing aids funded has been a life saver. I did not have the money for hearing aids and I need them,” he shares. “I am just starting to ease my way back to work.

Susan Feels Less “Left Behind” in Communication at Work

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Susan

Susan’s job at a school in Kelowna requires effective communication with students and teachers.

“I have hearing loss which affects my communication abilities with staff and students. I need to hear comments, instructions while directing students and reporting to teachers,” she says.

Her audiologist at Lakeside Hearing recommended she apply to WorkBC Assistive Technology Services for funding for new hearing aids. She applied and was quickly approved, receiving new Signia hearing aids.

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