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“[It’s] Not as Stressful Now,” Hearing Aids Make Lynda’s Workday Much Easier

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Lynda is an executive assistant and office manager at a non-profit in Vancouver. She has virus-caused progressive hearing loss in both ears.

“I have worn hearing aids for the last 20 years. It has not been easy, but I have managed in the workplace,” she explains. “In the last three years, capacity for hearing on the phone has changed since my workplace replaced actual office phones with a software program called Teams — so when someone calls it comes through my laptop, difficult to hear.

“It Is Easy Now for Me to Hear,” New Hearing Aids Help Edgardo Excel at His Job

Edgardo wearing an apron, leaning against a table in a ballroom

Edgardo works at a care home in Vancouver, ensuring the care of the seniors living there.

“With my hearing loss, I find it difficult to interact with my co-workers and residents. Especially the residents mostly in soft-spoken voices,” he explains.

His audiologist referred him to the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services program.

Through WorkBC Assistive Technology Services, he received funding for a new hearing aid.

Shandell Receives “Understanding, Outstanding, and Thorough” Service From WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

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Shandell works in customer service at a physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver, with her duties including working closely with patients to book their appointments, collecting payment, tracking treatment progress while they are in the office, answering phones, and ensuring that they feel welcomed and comfortable attending the clinic.

“I have a moderate to severe hearing impairment,” she explains. “This impacts my employment as there are times where I struggle to hear certain pitches or sounds when communicating with patients. Sometimes I would not hear the timer go off when tracking the patient’s treatment progress.”

“Getting These Hearing Aids Changed My Life,” Carol Hears Customers With Ease Now

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Carol

In 2019, Carol started work as a picture framer in Langford and began dealing with customers face-to-face.

“I’ve had hearing loss since my teenage years and have worn hearing aids most of that time. I’m 66 now and my hearing loss has progressed, but it’s still moderate. For the last decade I’ve worn inexpensive hearing aids I got off the internet. Although they amplified sounds, I still had a lot of trouble with speech recognition,” she explains.

Hearing Aids Help Kevin With Communication at Work

a vet holds a stethoscope with a dog on a diagnostic table

Kevin is a veterinary technician at a veterinary hospital in Vancouver. His job involves providing nursing care to the animal patients — largely cats and dogs — with duties ranging from administering medication, monitoring vitals, and performing tests.

Kevin has moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears due to a hereditary condition called Alport Syndrome.

Hearing Aids Help Zach Ply His Trade

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Zach at work

Zach is a journeyman electrician working in Squamish.

“I am mostly deaf in my left ear,” he explains. “It impacted my employment when being delegated tasks since my brains recognition to speech was slow. This increased my anxiety drastically, making it hard to focus.”

He had previously lost his hearing aid, and needed a new one. He had learned about the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services program from his mother, and decided to apply.

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