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Randy Continues His Meaningful Work Thanks to WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Randy

“Retirement was not for me, but I did not have necessary technology to enable me to be productive,” says Randy, who is blind.

Randy is a founding board member of the One in Spirit Healing Arts Society, a non-profit society facilitating transformative healing moments, rooted in First Nations teachings. He recently started work as the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Elder-in-Residence for the Nanaimo campus of Vancouver Island University, a job he credits WorkBC Assistive Technology Services helping him to get.

He had heard about the program on the radio and decided to apply.

Four Apps to Stay Organized at Work

a person looks at an electronic calendar on a computer, and their computer has sticky notes with reminders attached

It’s not always easy to stay on task during the workday, and with many of us working from home right now, staying focused on work can be a real challenge. Today, we’re going to look at four apps that are designed to help you stay organized and productive at work.

These apps are designed to help keep you on task regardless of whether you’re working from home or in the office, and even for students with a heavy course load, or for those who simply need a little extra help staying on task, many of the apps that we’re looking at today would be worth considering.

“I Know Now That I Can Face My Future With Courage,” WorkBC Assistive Technology Services Makes the Difference for Linda

woman smiling while standing near a whiteboard

Linda used to work as a pharmacist but had to stop due to severe pain in her hands and wrists.

“I live with chronic pain in my hands, feet, and hips from previous injuries. It is very difficult for me to use a mouse and keyboard, to use a pen to write, to hold and use my smart phone, to sit for prolonged periods of time or to stand for prolonged periods of time,” she says from Richmond. “As a result, working at a computer station is very difficult for me. For a long time, I was not volunteering or working as a result of these limitations.”

Three Apps to Digitize Math on the Go

a person looking at a phone while standing over a table, a person is on a computer in the background

Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or anything in-between, there’s a good chance that you’ve struggled with math at least once in your life. Now, imagine if you had the ability to instantly scan and solve the calculation that was in front of you and then have the necessary steps broken down and explained? For those who struggle with math, or for those who simply don’t have the time, these types of apps are an absolute godsend, but not everyone even knows this type of app exists! So, without further ado, we are going to look at three of the best math calculator apps that are available today.

Justina Stays on Her Feet Easier With WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services participant Justina

Justina works part-time as a medical office assistant at a physiotherapy clinic in Comox. Her job includes everything from cleaning and dressing the patient rooms, answering the phones, and taking payment for appointments.

However, the job is physically demanding and taxing on her body.

“I have struggled with lower back pain for more than a decade, which affects my ability to lift heavy objects, as well as stand or sit for long periods of time,” she explains. “I also have extremely painful planters fasciitis, flat feet (no arches), weak ankles, and heel spurs which affects my ability to stand or be on my feet for long periods of time.

AT Help Desk Launches a Podcast, “We Have Solutions!”

"We Have Solutions!"

The AT Help Desk has officially launched a podcast!

We Have Solutions!” is a monthly podcast about assistive technology, disabilities, and breaking down barriers to accessibility through one-on-one interviews, news, reviews, and more. They’ll talk to a range of guests from within various disability-related communities including assistive technology users, experts in the field, and everything in between.

5 Apps to Record Lectures or Meetings

a student sitting in an in-person lecture

With virtually every smartphone on the planet coming pre-built with recording technology, it’s never been easier to record in-person lectures or meetings. But with so many choices being available, it might not always be easy to know which app is best suited for your needs, so today we are going to look at 5 apps that are worth considering when it comes to recording in-person meetings and lectures.

Kids ToDo List: A To-Do App for Children

a mother watches as a little girl writes on a to-do list "for mum"

Keeping kids consistently on task is no easy feat. Kids need reminders, rewards, and endless patience to keep them on track. And right now, under the current COVID-19 restrictions, many parents are being forced into the role of educator as well as parent. While this is hopefully a very short-term solution, there are some apps and strategies that can make it easier for parents to stay on top of their children’s daily activities and responsibilities, both at home and at school.

4 Apps for Home Learning in 2022

a young boy studying at home with a laptop and notebook, with various school supplies on the desk

Home learning is something that we’ve talked about before, but with the recent COVID-19 related school shutdown announcements in New Brunswick, we thought it would be a subject worth revisiting. While the current situation is far from ideal, the good news is that there are many fantastic apps available that are designed to bolster at-home learning, and some of them are even free. So, without further ado let’s explore some home learning apps that are worth looking at in 2022.

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