Albert Experiences a Safer Commute with Technology@Work

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Albert has been working as a software engineer and developer since 2010. “I am self-employed, but I work with this company right now on contract. The company does music and digital media distribution.”

Albert was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is characterized by brittle bones. The condition makes him prone to fractures. He uses crutches for short distances and a manual wheelchair for longer distances.

A couple of years ago, Albert sustained an injury that made it difficult for him to get around outside of his home. He was in contact with Spinal Cord Injury BC in Victoria, who recommended he look into the Technology@Work program.

The Neil Squire Society operates the Province of British Columbia’s Technology@Work program that provides people with disabilities access to assistive technologies they need for employment, often at no cost to the client.

Albert says: “I’m actually still recovering from a fracture in my leg and all sorts of problems in my elbows. There was no way I could transfer to my old vehicle, a hatchback, from my wheelchair. I had to walk to the driver’s seat. I couldn’t do that while I was recovering from my leg issues.

“And also, lifting a chair wasn’t advisable in terms of safety and recovery. I needed a way of doing it safely. So I changed my vehicle, and then I needed a lift. That was the reason I contacted Technology@Work.”

Through the program, Albert received a lift, transfer board, and hand controls for his vehicle. “The lift was simple enough to operate; it’s remotely operated with a button. I don’t have to [manually] lift anymore. It allows my elbows to avoid any strenuous exertion, and also my legs. It’s safer, definitely.”

Technology@Work also completed an assessment of Albert’s workstation. He received ergonomic office equipment including a chair, foot support, and a laptop riser for a more comfortable working environment.

Since receiving all the equipment, Albert notes, “Recovery and not aggravating my injury has been very good. The OT helped me assess everything I needed. I would definitely recommend [Technology@Work].”


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