5 Apps to Record Lectures or Meetings

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With virtually every smartphone on the planet coming pre-built with recording technology, it’s never been easier to record in-person lectures or meetings. But with so many choices being available, it might not always be easy to know which app is best suited for your needs, so today we are going to look at 5 apps that are worth considering when it comes to recording in-person meetings and lectures.

Voice Memos (iOS)

This free, built-in app allows iOS users to start recording from the second they set-up their phone, with no additional downloads required. And while this app may not offer as many options as some of the other apps, Voice Memos still offers recording, editing, syncing, speed adjustments, sharing, and more.

Voice Record Pro (iOS + Android)

Voice Record Pro is a free app that is absolutely packed with features, putting it on a more professional level than any of the other apps that we are looking at today. The app offers a massive range of sharing and upload options, including direct-to-pc downloads, advanced importing and editing options, and even track effects such as Echo, Gain, Pitch & Speed, Reverb, Distortion, and Equalizer. While many users may not take advantage of all these features, more advanced users, as well as those with specific audio challenges will definitely appreciate what this app has to offer.

Otter.ai (iOS, Android, PC)

Otter.ai is a great choice for recording meetings, as it simultaneously records and transcribes. We’ve tested it in the past, and the transcription is surprisingly accurate. If simultaneous recording and transcribing is your goal, then Otter.ai is probably the best choice, as it offers all the features you’d expect from a recording app, plus automatic transcription on top of that. The app is free for the basic version, and $8.33 USD per month for the Pro version with advanced features, including the ability to import pre-recorded files.

Rev Voice Recorder (iOS, Android, PC)

This cross-platform app offers some interesting features that set it apart from the rest. Rev Voice Recorder is a free app with all of the features that you would expect from a recording app, but one thing that makes it unique is that human transcription services are offered directly through the app, so for users who require an extra level of precision, Rev is able to offer something that the other apps in this list do not.

OneNote (iOS, Android, PC)

OneNote isn’t officially categorized as a recording app, but the app does offer audio and video recording directly into a notebook, making it a great choice for lectures or meetings. That, plus the fact that OneNote is a super competent note-taker/word processor makes it definitely worth considering when it comes to choosing an app for taking notes in class or on the job.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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