5 Note-Taking Apps to Try in 2021

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In 2021, note-taking means a lot more than putting pen to paper. With the evolution of computer and smart phone technology, note-taking has taken a significant turn towards digitization, and that’s great news for persons with disabilities. Nowadays, most modern note-taking apps are universally designed, accessible, and free. Today we are going to look at five unique note-taking apps worth trying in 2021. This list is not so much about finding what is “best”, but rather, what makes certain apps unique or popular.



OneNote is the most accessible of the note-taking apps mentioned here, and it includes some very useful accessibility features such as dictation and read aloud. If you already have or are thinking of purchasing a subscription to Microsoft 365, then OneNote is probably the best choice for you.

The Verdict: OneNote is a feature-heavy (but not overwhelming) note-taking app that emphasizes having a “full tool belt” over simplicity. Best in class for accessibility.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, PC, Mac

Price: Free for regular version, paid subscription required for premium.

Google Keep

Especially handy to Google Workspace users, this simple note taker is essentially a virtual sticky note tool with a few additional feature such as reminders, color-coding, drawings, but it is nowhere near as feature-rich as OneNote.

The Verdict: Google Keep is a great choice for users with low accessibility requirements who wish to jot down simple notes, and not much else.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, PC, Mac

Price: Free


For iOS and mac users who value a slick, distraction-free writing environment, Ulysses is a top choice. The app is markdown based, which means that the writer’s fingers never have to leave the keyboard. The app emphasizes writing above all else, but still contains some useful tools, and supports accessibility features like VoiceOver.

The Verdict: If you want to focus on writing within a slick, distraction-free environment, don’t mind spending $ on a writing app, and have low to moderate accessibility requirements, then Ulysses is a great choice.

Compatibility: iOS and Mac

Price: A subscription is required to use the app, with a free trial is available through the app store.


If you’re looking for a well-balanced app that has all the features you need to write, and still looks great, then Evernote is a great choice. Evernote has some very useful accessibility features such as scanning, read aloud, speech-to-text, and more. The app also contains all of the writing features you would expect from a modern writing app

The Verdict: If you want a reliable, well-designed app that does exactly what it says it does (and for free), then Evernote is the writing app for you. And for users who enjoy the platform but may want more, there are premium plans available.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, PC, Mac

Price: Free for regular version, paid subscription required for professional version


This highly rated markdown based app is similar to Ulysses, but is available for all platforms. Once again emphasizing simplicity over richness of features without lacking anything significant. Simplenote also integrates with WordPress, making it a good choice for online content creators.

The Verdict: If you’re looking for a simple markdown-based note taker that is available for free on a wide variety of platforms, then Simplenote might be a great choice for you.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, PC, Mac

Price: Free

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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