Flick: The Easy Sharing App

Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone

Sharing digital content across platforms is often a tedious and frustrating task even among the more techno-savvy assistive technology users. Up until now, truly cross-platform solutions were hard to come by.

Enter Flick, a new sharing app that’s designed to be simple and accessible for everyone, regardless of what device they use to access digital content. Unlike most other sharing apps, Flick is available for PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac, and Linux, so no matter what device is being used, users can share that content with any other type of computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Because the app can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, students and teachers can use this tool without having access to the school’s Wi-Fi, which is sometimes heavily restricted. If WI-FI access is available, then sharing becomes even more efficient, as users are able to broadcast to all devices connected over WI-FI, making it a great tool for group work or group study sessions. The app is designed to share files ultra-quickly, so you won’t spend a lot of time uploading or downloading files, making it a super-efficient choice for sharing files in the classroom or even on the job. This could be extra helpful for individuals with attention challenges, who might find most file-sharing options to be distracting and/or difficult to use.

Users are able to adjust photos using pinch and expand gestures, allowing individuals with visual challenges the opportunity to view content up close. Once an image has been adjusted, those adjustments will be retained when sharing, allowing users to make quick adjustments to content on the fly without having to “edit” their photos in a separate app.

For Windows 10 users, Flick offers various “utensils” which add extra functionality to the app. For example, the “voice recorder” utensil allows Windows 10 users to record and flick voice messages to nearby devices, allowing teachers to quickly record and send aural instructions for students who are strong auditory learners. Windows 10 users can also write and send checklists, which could be especially helpful for individuals with organizational challenges. And while the utensils that are available today are limited in their ability to assist AT users, more utensils are being added all the time, and eventually, many of these utensils will be made available on other platforms.

Screenshot of Flick app

To learn more about Flick, or to download the app on any platform, click here.

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