Freedom: A Productivity App

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When you’re working from a PC, it’s not always easy to stay on task. Social media, video games, and other distractions are just a click away, so if you’re someone who is already prone to distraction, being your most productive self-online might require some extra tools. Task management apps like Todoist or Microsoft To Do are great for keeping users on-task and focused (and come highly recommended for anyone who struggles with attention-based challenges), but the app that we are looking at today takes a different approach to productivity.

Freedom is a productivity app that allows users to easily block distracting websites, apps, or WI-FI. And because the app syncs across all your devices, it’s a lot harder for users to “trick” the app and visit a blocked site or app.

The app also offers preset blocklists that are designed to block the most common sites and apps. The app even offers a kids blocklist, which is designed to filter out adult content that kids could otherwise access. Alternatively, users can block all websites or apps, and then use the apps’ website exceptions feature to whitelist only those websites or apps that are needed to complete the task at hand.

And while users can always start Freedom sessions on the fly, users can also choose to schedule future sessions with an option to create recurring sessions. The app also features a locked mode which prevents users from ending their freedom session for those times when users need a little extra willpower.

Freedom is also available as a browser extension which allows users to browse stats and insights as well as use the main features of the app.

Freedom is available for a free trial, with a premium version available for purchase. To learn more about freedom, click here.

This article originally appeared on the AT HelpDesk website.

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