How to Use ClaroPDF to Scan and Read Aloud (iPad)

a person using a tablet to take a photo of a document

Here is how you can use ClaroPDF to scan and read aloud on your iPad.

To Scan

  1. Prepare your document for scanning by placing it flat on a well-lit surface.
  2. Open ClaroPDF and tap on “Create Document”.
  3. Select “From Camera”.
  4. Hold the camera up to the document, ensuring all corners are in frame, and when your satisfied with the position of the document, hit the capture button (the circle) to take the photo.
  5. If you’re satisfied with the position of the document, tap on “Keep Scan”. If you’re scanning multiple documents, keep going until you’ve scanned everything.
  6. Once you are finished scanning, hit “Save” and name your file(s). You will then be notified as to where the scan has been saved.

To Read

  1. From the Claro dashboard, select the document which has just been scanned. By default, your dashboard will show the documents which have been saved to your iPad, but if you swipe from the left, you’ll be able to select a different location to pull documents from.
  2. Press the play button located at the bottom middle section of the screen. The document will now be read aloud.
  3. If Claro cannot read the document (this is likely to happen with written notes or older/damaged documents) it will offer to convert the document to a text pdf at a cost of one credit per page. Choose yes, then save your file, which can now be read aloud. Please note that results will vary based on the legibility of the document.
  4. To have specific sections of text read aloud, tap on them. The individual sections will be highlighted and then read aloud.

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