Which Cloud Service is Right for You?

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Do you find yourself often running out of hard drive space? Have you noticed that your computer has begun to slow down significantly after owning it for a couple of years? Taking advantage of free, cloud-based storage is a great way to maximize your overall digital storage potential, and to prevent you from having to spend money on a bigger hard drive, USB sticks, external hard drives, etc. That being said, you may have noticed that there are quite a few options to choose from! In an effort to better understand these options, we’re going to compare and contrast the top four cloud-based services available today.


This service is best suited for Windows (and especially Office 365) users. New PCs will automatically include the OneDrive app, making cloud storage from your PC especially easy. And Office 365 users will receive even more storage as part of their subscription. OneDrive can also be accessed from any browser, including from Mac or iOS-based platforms.

Compatibility: Microsoft 365, Web, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS, and Android

Free Storage: 5 GB

Paid Storage: 100GB for $1.99 per month, or for 365 users, 1TB for $6.99 per month (plus Office suite for 1 PC, 1 mobile)


This is the best choice for Apple users. iOS devices are automatically connected to (and require) an iCloud account, so if you have to create an account to use your Apple device, you might as well take advantage of the cloud service that’s already available for you. iCloud files can also be accessed for anywhere online, including from Windows PCs.

Compatibility: Web, Mac, iOS, and Windows

Free Storage: 5 GB

Paid Storage: 50GB @ $0.99 a month, 200GB @ $2.99 a month, 2TB @ $9.99 a month

Google Drive

With 15 GB in storage being offered for free, Google Drive offers by far the biggest free storage solution. If you’re a dedicated Google Workspace user, this would be your best solution. Alternatively, if you’re not tied to any particular service but you want the most space for free, Google Drive is a great choice!

Compatibility: Web, Chrome OS, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows

Free Storage: 15 GB

Paid Storage: 100GB @ $1.99 per month, 200GB @ $2.99 per month, 2TB @ $9.99 per month


This service is best suited for users with no particular brand or device preferences. It’s simple and straightforward but doesn’t offer anything particularly special. A solid choice for users who have already maxed out other storage options.

Compatibility: Web, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows

Free Storage: 2GB

Paid Storage: 1 TB @ $9.99 a month, 2 TB @ $16.99 a month

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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