“I’m Excited About What My Future May Hold”

Hailey, in her wheelchair, at her desk using a trackball mouse and wearing a headset.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services has been helping Hailey get the assistive technology she needs as she works to find employment. Hailey has cerebral palsy, which makes her speech soft and she uses a power wheelchair.

“I have many physical barriers that challenge me daily and make finding employment very difficult,” she shares.

Hailey was working with her employment counsellor at NEXUS Community Support Society when they reached out to WorkBC, who referred her to WorkBC Assistive Technology Services. A WorkBC Assistive Technology Services occupational therapist came to Cranbrook to provide an assistive technology and ergonomic assessment.

“[They] spent the day with me getting to know what could be helpful in my everyday life and my search for employment. [They] did some amazing research and found some adaptive technology that made using my computer easier,” Hailey says.

Hailey received Dragon software that allows her to use her computer by voice command, a new laptop to run Dragon, a Kensington Expert Trackball mouse, an Evoluent Essentials Compact Keyboard, a laptop riser, and a Poly Voyageur Headset. She also received extensive training in how to use Dragon, accompanied by her NEXUS Employment Counsellor who helped her to use the technology.

“Now I have a headset that helps me dictate, a roller ball mouse that it is easier for my hand to use, and the Dragon program installed on a faster computer than my old one,” she says. “I am able to dictate my stories and thoughts much easier than typing by hand.”

Hailey is feeling much more confident in her job search with her new assistive technology.

“I’m excited about what my future may hold. Because of all the time and effort [the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services] team invested in me, I feel that my chances of finding employment are greatly improved,” she says. “I want to send a big thank you to everyone who helped make this all possible!”

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services is operated by Neil Squire. Assistive Technology Services are available to individuals who have a work-related barrier due to a disability or a functional limitation. This may include barriers related to traveling to and from the workplace.

Questions about WorkBC Assistive Technology Services? Need help applying? Contact us: 1-844-453-5506 or info-ats@workbc.ca

Please visit www.workbc-ats.ca for more information about WorkBC Assistive Technology Services.

Government of Canada and BC logos: This program is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia

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