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Guest Feature by Jonathon Beaumont

Having trouble writing a professional paper? Looking for a new correction checker or even wanting to learn a new language? By now you’re probably aware of the multitude of writing aids available online, but what you may not realize the extent in which these technologies have advanced in just a few years. The app that we are looking at today is one of the more advanced writing aids available right now, and it’s available in both of Canada’s official languages.

Antidote 11 is an add-on writing aid that specializes in office applications. At its core, the app is designed to highlight errors in grammar and spelling. The first Antidote application was released in 1996 on Windows and Mac, originally only available in French and containing a lesser dictionary, it could only correct a phrase at a time too. However, since then Antidote has gone a long way, able to correct entire paragraphs at a time and now offering access to a large digital dictionary, Antidote is now even available in English, expanding its services to a wider range of people.

I’ve been using the application for about a year now, and it’s served me very well in pursuing my university degree. The application is quite easy to use, just a quick download and it should appear in office applications. In terms of reliability, it is exceptionally good, it can notice a wide range of mistakes in many fields such as spelling, grammar, syntax, and the app is even able to detect typography mistakes. Correcting mistakes is quite easy too, and the application quickly points out what needs to be changed and then suggests changes with just a click of the mouse.

Antidote boasts three major features:

Advanced corrector: An advanced corrector capable of detecting errors in language, spelling grammar and even able to correct typography errors and repetitions.

Integrated library: The Antidote software includes an integrated dictionary capable of identifying 121,000 words including 29,000 proper nouns. With this large bank of words its able to Read the complete definition of your word; see its plural form, its pronunciation, its rhymes and its etymology, definitions, conjugations and more.

Language guide: The app provides the user with 11 language guides to learn and familiarize themselves with exercises and content aimed at improving the understanding of spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and typography.

The Antidote brand currently supports two supplemental applications, these being:

Antidote Web: This version on Antidote offers all the benefits Antidote 11 has, except it is an online version with no download requirements.

Antidote Mobile: Downloadable on iPhone and iPad, gives you access to a large online dictionary and an abundance of language guides, this version of Antidote does not include the corrector. The mobile version can also be run without internet access.

Antidote is a subscription-based app available for a free trial. The cost per month is $11.99 CDN, and the app is available in English and French. Click here to learn more.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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