Brilliant App: Advanced Math and Science Courses

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For persons with disabilities, learning apps are a great way to approach new concepts for a couple reasons. First, they allow you to learn at a pace that is more suited to your specific learning style. Secondly, these apps are not only able to take advantage of your devices built in accessibility features, but they also often offer their own suite of accessibility options.

We’ve covered a few different math courses in the past, but most of those apps were focused on students from K-12. Today, we are going to look at a Math and Science learning app that was specifically designed for post-secondary students and professionals.

Brilliant is a highly rated math and science learning app which currently boasts over 10 million learners. The app offers a variety of courses on a multitude of STEM subjects, such as:

Foundational Math – Including graphs, geometry, vectors, functions, quadratics, calculus, and more.

Data Analysis – Focuses on sampling, probability, variables, distributions, and more.

CS & Programming – Teaches computer science fundamentals, python, algorithms, quantum computing, and more.

Science – This course focuses on physics, astrophysics, chemical reactions, computational biology, etc.

Advanced Math – An advanced math course that looks at advanced calculus, linear algebra, vector calculus, and more.

Electives – This section focuses on a wide variety of STEM-related subjects and resources including solar energy, spatial relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum computing, and more.

When you first launch the Brilliant app, you’ll be prompted to provide some information that will help the app tailor the experience to your specific needs. Once you’ve answered the questions provided, you’ll be launched into a learning path that is based off your responses. And while these learning paths are designed to fit your specific needs, you can always choose a new path whenever you want, and your current progress will be saved.

A screenshot of the Brilliant app page, showing a daily task list.

The courses are colorfully presented, with lots of hands-on activities peppered throughout. It’s apparent that a great deal of thought was put into the course content. The courses are filled with interactive activities, puzzles, and games, all designed to keep learners engaged.

Brilliant is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, and the base price is $13 a month after a 30-day free trial. To learn more, click here.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.


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