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Summer vacation is fast approaching, and you may be wondering how to keep your child engaged in reading and learning over break. And while trips to the library are a great way to do that, not everyone lives close to a library, and, for some learners with learning disabilities, printed text can be difficult to work with.

That’s what makes Epic so appealing. The app features over forty thousand books and audiobooks for kids aged three to twelve, and it’s designed to be as accessible as possible. Besides being integrated with users’ built-in accessibility features such as VoiceOver, Be My Eyes, and Live Transcribe, Epic also provides their own built-in features such as speech-to-text, audiobooks, and even their own unique approach to storytelling called Read-To-Me books. Read-To-Me books are professionally narrated books that automatically turn the pages and highlight words are they are being read.

The app also features books from other languages, including French, which makes it a great choice for immersion students.

Libraries are customized based on age, interests, and reading levels, and customized profiles mean that up to 4 readers can use the app and still have their personal progress tracked.

Epic also offers quizzes, dictionary lookup, and spotlight word features to keep your child engaged and learning as they read along.

And while the family version of the app does require a subscription, teachers are able to access the app for free during the school day.

In the end, Epic gives you everything you’d want from a digital library app. Not only do you get access to a huge amount of accessible content, but you also get a built-in parent dashboard that helps you keep track of your child’s progress so you can better understand their reading habits, what’s a challenge for them, what’s easy for them, etc. If you haven’t tried Epic and you have a child who benefits from accessible reading content, we highly recommend you try this app!

Epic is available for iOS, Android, and PC. To learn more, click here.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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