Four Apps to Stay Organized at Work

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It’s not always easy to stay on task during the workday, and with many of us working from home right now, staying focused on work can be a real challenge. Today, we’re going to look at four apps that are designed to help you stay organized and productive at work.

These apps are designed to help keep you on task regardless of whether you’re working from home or in the office, and even for students with a heavy course load, or for those who simply need a little extra help staying on task, many of the apps that we’re looking at today would be worth considering.

It is important to note that there are plenty of student focused options available that we will explore in a later article, but for users who wish to stick to one organizational platform, all these apps have a degree of universal utility.


This calendar app allows you to stay on top of projects, create meetings and events, invite attendees, and everything else you would expect from a virtual calendar. It also offers extra features that other calendar apps might not have, such as the ability to send a meeting link where attendees chose their meeting time. The app also integrates seamlessly with a desktop program, so you can easily synchronize and organize across all your devices.

Microsoft To Do

We’ve talked about this app before, but we’re mentioning it yet again, because this app is everything that a “to-do” app should be. You can easily create and personalize lists that synchronize across other devices and apps, add attachments, colour code lists, set deadlines and due dates, and much more. Plus, Microsoft 365 integration means that many users already have access to this app and may not know it, and for those who do not have Microsoft 365, the app is free.


Toggl is an app designed to teach you how you use your time online. You can create reports, track your time online, and even take advantage of the apps Pomodoro mode, which breaks down activities into 25-minute increments with breaks in between. If you find yourself becoming less productive during your workday, then this app might have some useful insights for you!


When it comes to managing projects and teams, Trello is an excellent choice. You can choose between a map, timeline, or calendar view, so it’s easy to find a style of project timeline visualization that works best for you. Plus, you can assign and break down tasks, collaborate and track feedback, upload and share files, add labels, and essentially do everything you need to do to complete the task at hand.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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