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Imagine you’re a highly visual learner, and your math instructor’s teaching style isn’t working for you. You’ve gone for extra help, but you just can’t wrap your brain around these new concepts. Many of us have been there, but the good news is there are now plenty of apps available that are designed to provide alternative means of instruction.

GeoGebra Calculator Suite is designed for exactly that purpose. In other words, if you’re a visual learner and you’ve been struggling with Math, then there’s a good chance that this app could be beneficial to you. As the name implies, GeoGebra isn’t a singular app but a suite of math-related apps. The apps that are available for individual download are:

  • Calculator Suite
  • Graphing Calculator
  • 3D Calculator
  • Geometry
  • GeoGebra Classic 5 or 6
  • CAS Calculator

These apps allow users to narrow in on specific concepts and have access to specific sets of tools and functions. Of course users don’t have to download the apps individually, and in fact the real strength of GeoGebra is how well it functions as a standalone platform.

The platform is well organized, with a search bar across the top of the screen, and the individual sections accessible on the left. Users can choose from:

Home – The main homepage/landing page. Featured resources and other info shows up here.

News Feed – GeoGebra related news populates here.

Resources – The resource section of the app is absolutely packed with lessons, tutorials, and more. There is so much to explore in this section, so you’re bound to find something of use here!

Profile – In this section, user information and created lessons will be stored for later use.

People – Find a particular educator/content creator that you love? In this section, you can follow individuals work directly!

Classroom – Allows individuals to create and join interactive math lessons.

App Downloads – Here you’ll find links to the app downloads listed above.

As you can see, there’s a lot to this app suite/platform, and for users who have trouble navigating all this, there is an extensive help/tutorial section available. To learn more about the GeoGebra Calculator Suite, click here.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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