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We’ve covered lots of other notetaking and annotation apps in the past, but we’ve somehow neglected to cover one of the most powerful note-taking tools for iOS. Notability is a multi-media note-taking app that does everything you’d expect and more. The app would be a great choice for many persons with learning disabilities as it provides multiple means of recording and representation, plus it pairs well with Apple’s built-in accessibility features for iOS.

Unlike a lot of other word processors/note-takers, Notability puts a lot of emphasis on templates and creative design. You can scroll through, download, then customize a template of your choice, or simply start from a blank page. GIFs, web pages, photos, and more, can be added directly to the notes. Notability also allows you to handwrite notes via Apple Pencil, and the app supports all kinds of tools for improving your writing experience, including eraser tools, shapes, brush selector, and it even includes a built-in favorites toolbar to more easily access your favorite tools.

Lectures and meetings are easy to record and play back, and just like with the Echo Smartpen, audio recordings are synced so that when you tap on your note you will hear what was said at that specific moment. Notability also has a lot of great mark up features worth mentioning. Imported textbooks, documents, images and slides can be highlighted, marked up, noted upon, etc.

One thing that really sets Notability apart from other notetaking and annotation apps is the apps presentation mode. You can present your note on compatible devices via airplay or HDMI, and the app even has some useful presentation tools such as the laser pointer. When your screen is being mirrored to another device or recorded, the laser pointer option will appear, and you can use your finger or Apple Pencil to point to content on screen without leaving any lasting markings on your note.

Notability is available for free with limited functionality, with an annual subscription cost of $17.49 CDN. To learn more, click here.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website.

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