Top New Zoom Features For 2021

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To start off 2021, we are going took at some new features that have been recently added to Zoom. This free videoconferencing app has proved itself to be more than useful during the recent pandemic, and as we continue to rely on videoconferencing technology to connect with each other, apps like Zoom keep adding more features and improvements along the way.

Recently, Zoom released a series of updates and improvements designed to make the app more accessible, functional, and customizable, so let’s get into some of these new features.

How to Update Zoom

First, you will need to ensure that you are running the most up-to-date version of Zoom. To check for updates, sign in to Zoom, click on your avatar (located on the top right side of the screen, above the settings icon), and select “Check for Updates”. Zoom will then check for updates, and if there are any available, you will have to manually select “Update” to begin the process. Once the updates have been installed, you will have to sign back in to Zoom to see the new features.


Suppress Background Noise
With this feature turned on, background noise will be suppressed, making it easier for others to hear what you are saying. By default, this feature will be set to auto, but if you go to Settings, then Audio, you can manually adjust the level of noise suppression as needed.

Music and Professional Audio
Also under the audio settings is the new Music and Professional Audio section. Click on Show in meeting option to “Turn On Original Sound”, to access some advanced audio options that allow users to increase the fidelity/clarity of their audio output. Please note that high fidelity audio requires more bandwidth, so using these options may affect your connection to the call.


More Participants in Gallery View
Up to 49 participants can now fit into the Gallery View for larger groups and classes.

Lighting Adjustments
Lighting can now be adjusted via Zoom. To access lighting settings, go to Settings>Video>Adjust for low light.

Pin Messages
Messages sent in chat can now be pinned on top of the chat tab.

Live Captions (Pro Version Only)
Zoom Pro users can now have their video conferences live captioned, creating an even more accessible experience for users who may have difficulty hearing or keeping up with conversations. To adjust closed captions, go to Settings>Accessibility>Closed Caption.



PowerPoint Background Integration
Users can now choose to share a PowerPoint presentation as their virtual background, which means that presenting via Zoom is even easier and more professional looking than before. To share a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting, click on Share Screen > Advanced, then select “PowerPoint As A Virtual Background”.

Share Multiple Windows
Users can now share multiple windows. When selecting a window to share, hold down the ctrl key and you can now select more than one window to share at a time.

Multiple Users Can Share
Multiple Zoom users can now share their screens simultaneously. Please note this will likely affect video performance.

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