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Troy’s New Technology Skills Help Him Spread the Joy of Cooking

Troy dipping his feet in the lake while sitting on a pier

With over 20 years of experience, Troy’s career as a chef saw him traveling the world and operating a successful catering business in Vancouver and later Ottawa, where he now lives. And there were some nice perks.

“I worked quite a bit, and I loved it,” he says. “There were so many times, where it was like, ‘Hey Troy, come up to the cottage for the weekend and you can do all the cooking,’ and I’m like, ‘Sure, why not?’ Vacation and get paid, all right.”

However, about four years ago he began having seizures, losing his balance, and eventually becoming unable to walk. After a long process, he was diagnosed with ataxia, a rare neurological degenerative disorder which affects the body’s motor skills, causing difficulty in speech and movement.

We Have Solutions! – Episode 6: Growing and Innovating with Chad Leaman

"We Have Solutions!" logo and an image of Chad

On episode six of “We Have Solutions!,” we are joined by Neil Squire’s Director of Innovation Chad Leaman.

We touch on a variety of subjects, including the evolution of 3D printing and assistive technology, adaptive gaming, the evolution of communication technology during COVID, and how he managed to broker a million-dollar deal with Google.

3D Printing Class Being Offered for Free

Man works on 3D printer while another works on a tablet

The emergence of 3-D printing has caused a massive shift within the world of assistive technology. With 3-D printing, AT users now have the ability to design and manufacture their own assistive technology at a fraction of the cost of what’s available for purchase. Plus, this technology is open-sourced, which means that it can be openly created, refined, and shared for free online. 3-D printing is especially useful for manufacturing low-tech AT such as grips, assistive key turners, bag holders, etc. Of course, high-tech AT can also be manufactured via 3-D printer, with our own LipSync device being a great example of this. Such projects require a bit more knowledge and experience, but the online course that will be the subject of this weeks’ e-bulletin is designed for exactly that purpose.

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